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Thursday 02 November 12:30 to 13:30

Commissioning art involves asking an artist to create something specifically for you to fit purpose and place. Whilst it is a concept which goes back hundreds if not thousands of years, it has particular traction today with our desire to differentiate and personalise.  It is also much more accessible than it has been in the past.

Art in the home is a testament to love and legacy. Art in the workplace has not only been found to be good for staff morale, but can also reflect and reinforce company values and history if carefully commissioned or curated.

Commissioning art is an enjoyable experience. It is a very special experience: a meeting of minds between patron and artist.  Once the concept is established, choosing the right artist has to be the most important stage in the process, thereafter it is a matter of managing the process, both party’s expectations and ensuring good communication.  We work with our clients to ensure that this is easy and enjoyable from concept to completion.


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Family Portrait by Susan Ryder RP NEAC
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London Gardens by Melissa Scott Miller


Mall Galleries Art Consultancy

Mall Galleries hosts more than 40 exhibitions each year in its vibrant, contemporary gallery spaces in Central London. 

Mall Galleries Art Consultancy specialises in commissioning and curating fine art for both private individuals and corporate clients.  It has accrued experience over 45 years as part of the Federation of British Artists, a registered charity, based at Mall Galleries.  It has established links with thousands of artists across the UK and abroad making it perfectly poised to source art and artists.


Annabel Elton - Consultant
Anna Bromwich - Art Advisor and Curator
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Annabel Elton has over thirty years’ experience as a consultant and specialises in portraiture. She works closely with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters using her expertise and to match people with the right artist for their commission.

On leaving university, Annabel Elton practiced as artist working to commission for private clients and interior designers. Since then she has been a director for Discerning Eye, art competition and exhibition; Elton Art Commissions, fine art services; and Elton Paget Interior accessories. She first joined Mall Galleries in 1984.

Annabel holds MA degrees in Cambridge University and St Mary’s University Twickenham in History of Art and Charity Management respectively.

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Anna Bromwich has ten years’ experience as an art advisor and curator. She works with commissions for private individuals and curates, commissions and sources work for the business sector.

Anna Bromwich began her career curating exhibitions at Asia House, London.

Since then she has managed art galleries in both Paris and London. She joined Mall Galleries in 2015.

She holds a degree in the Art History of Asia and Africa from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London and a Masters degree in Museum Studies from IOE University College London


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