The Winter Art & Antiques Fair 2018

We will shortly be releasing more information about the 2018 Winter Art & Antiques Fair - please check back over the coming weeks for further details about this exciting show.

Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia provides a unique opportunity to buy from the greatest range, with items available from £100 to £1million. As a high quality vetted fair, every item is checked by specialised experts, providing visitors with confidence that what they buy is authentic and has the correct labelling.

What is vetting?

Vetting is the process undertaken prior to the opening of the fair when a team of experts from the UK, Europe and the USA checks the items being offered for sale.  Once the fair has started, sold stock is replaced daily and the fresh items are vetted before each morning’s 11am opening.

What are the vetters looking for?

The Vetting Committees check each item for authenticity, date and condition. The details given on each item’s label are also checked.

Who are the vetters?

The team comprises of dealers (some exhibiting and some not), museum curators, auction house specialists and restorers split into thirty two committees.

Why is this important?

The Vetting Regulations and the vetters’ expertise enable the visitor to buy with confidence.  The vetting process ensures that the high quality of the fair is uniformly maintained across all disciplines of art and antiques sold at the fair.

Vetting Contact

Kate Dilnott-Cooper
Vetting Consultant
+44 (0)138 081 2165

Download Vetting Regulations

Images of works of art contained on this website or in publicity material relating to the WinterArt & Antiques Fair Olympia have been submitted by exhibiting dealers and may not have been viewed by the Vetting Committee. The images are illustrative only and may differ from the actual works. WinterArt & Antiques Fair Olympia accepts no liability for any divergence between the image of a work of art and the actual piece in question.