The Winter Art & Antiques Fair 2018

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Victoria & Albert Museum
Saturday 04 November 14:30 to 15:30

Rapidly advancing technology has enabled us to reach ever more places across the planet at high speeds and in greater comfort and safety than ever before. Whether for work or pleasure the experience of getting from A to B is of more interest than ever.

This talk introduces developments in local and global transportation in the first half of the 20th century through a study of the vessels, vehicles, aircraft and infrastructure that enabled the expansion and maintenance of empires, that provided the means of mass migrations, and that allowed millions of business and leisure travellers to become citizens of the world.

We will meet the innovative designers, builders, engineers and artists who advanced the technology, comfort and style of the major types of motorised transport during a period of major technological advances and increasing international commerce, viewing their work in relation to the aesthetic, social, political, and economic issues of the time.


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Dr. Gregory Votolato - Architect, Curator, Teacher and Writer
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Dr. Gregory Votolato is an architect, curator, teacher and writer on design, technology and culture. His publications include American Design in the Twentieth Century (Manchester, 1998), Transport Design, A Travel History (Reaktion, 2007), Ship, (Reaktion, 2011), and Car (Reaktion, 2015). Votolato is Course Director of the Iconic Buildings series and Travel in Style, at the Victoria & Albert Museum and tutor in Critical and Historical Studies (Vehicle Design) at the Royal College of Art in London.




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