A Kokoshnik Diamond Tiara - Necklace

/ A Kokoshnik Diamond Tiara - Necklace

A Kokoshnik Diamond Tiara - Necklace

A superb Kokoshnik Diamond Tiara - Necklace, Austro-Hungarian, Late 19th Century

A late 19th Century Diamond "Kokoshnik" Style Tiara which also converts to a spectacular Diamond Fringe Necklace. This Tiara - Necklace has been elegantly constructed in Silver tipped 14ct. (marked) Rose Gold and is set throughout with four hundred and ninety-four (494) "Old Cut" Diamonds. The Silver tipping has oxidised with age and presents a startling back drop for the numerous "Old Cut" Diamonds. As a Tiara, the piece attaches to a tension and screw supporting frame with a fine velvet base.
This beautiful and rare piece is accompanied by a newly customised leather case and an independent Gemmologist's report assessing the Diamonds as being of approximately 103 Carats (unweighed), I - J Colour & with Faint Brown Tint and VS - SI Clarity.. A "Crown" mark & 14ct. mark, (stamped) on the fastener, suggests that this exceptional piece is "Austro-Hungarian" in origin.

Total Jewellery weight: 157.66 grams.
Colour Grade: I - J - and Faint Brown
Clarity Grade: VS -SI

Additional Research info: Based on our research we have conducted, this "Piece" is likely to have been inspired by the "Queen Mary's Collingwood Fringe Tiara", given as a gift from Queen Victoria to Princes Mary of Teck upon her wedding (in 1893) to Prince George, later His Majesty King George V.