Talks & Highlight Tours

What talks and highlight tours will be at the Winter Art & Antiques Fair 2019?

Presenting a fantastic array of complimentary expert insight and advice from leading industry professionals, the Experts Theatre is simply a must-visit attraction at the Fair. Our experts in 2019 include: Dr Nicole Chiang, Huon Mallalieu, Alexander Collins, Rachel Laxer and Judith Miller of Antiques Roadshow.

We are thrilled to announce some of the fantastic speakers who will be taking centre stage during the Fair to present compelling and thought-provoking talks. Topics will cover Asian Art, interior design and much more. 

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Olympia Antiques Fair | London 5-10 November 2019 | Art & Antiques Fair | Speakers, Talks and Highlights | Dr Nicole Chiang

Emperor Qianlong's Hidden Treasures

The collection of the Qing imperial household during the Qianlong reign (1736-1795) has often been seen as a display of power, an attribute of legitimate rule and a manifestation of the emperor’s desire to model and control aspects of the universe.  However, evidence shows objects which entered the imperial collection through a careful selection process were in fact boxed up and removed from the public gaze. 

Since the collection was not visible most of the time to most people, it could not have been used to make a public political statement as often assumed.  Through comparisons with European royal collections, this talk will demonstrate that magnificence through the display of objects is not necessarily the universal goal of all rulers.

In collaboration with The Museum of East Asian Art 


Olympia Antiques Fair | London 5-10 November 2019 | Art & Antiques Fair | Speakers, Talks and Highlights | Huon Mallalieu
2pm - Huon Mallalieu 

Sound in Paintings

According to Carlo Carrà the Futurist painter and art teacher: "Before the 19th century, painting was the art of silence...painters never envisaged the possibility of rendering sounds, noises and smells in painting". Huon Mallalieu believes this to be nonsense, and that our enjoyment is much increased when we learn to listen to paintings as well as look at them
Huon Mallalieu is an historian who writes on art, antiques and collecting in The Times, Country Life and The Oldie. He is the author or editor of many books, including The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists and Understanding Watercolours (both Antique Collectors’ Club) and 1066 and Rather More, a Walk through History (Frances Lincoln).  He is an FSA and an Hon RWS.

In collaboration with Country Life


Olympia Antiques Fair | London 5-10 November 2019 | Art & Antiques Fair | Speakers, Talks and Highlights | Alexander Collins
2pm - Alexander Collins

Jean-Henri Riesener: A French Royal Cabinetmaker

Jean-Henri Riesener, was one of the greatest furniture makers of the eighteenth century. From relatively humble origins in Gladbeck, Germany, Riesener rose to become a highly-successful cabinetmaker in Paris who was appointed official supplier of furniture to Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette and the French court.
This talk will offer an overview of Riesener’s life, career and professional practice, and introduce some of the most important pieces of furniture he created for his royal and aristocratic patrons.In collaboration with Waddesdon Manor and Royal Collection Trust, the Wallace Collection has been conducting the Riesener Project, which has researched French royal cabinetmaker, Jean-Henri Riesener (1734-1806), helping shed light on his career, business and working practices.

In collaboration with The Wallace Collection


Olympia Antiques Fair | London 5-10 November 2019 | Art & Antiques Fair | Speakers, Talks and Highlights | Rachel Laxer
2pm - Rachel Laxer

Value Investing in the Decorative Arts

BIID Member and Interior Designer Rachel Laxer shares her method of value investing and how this is applied to her global interior design projects. By strategically buying pieces that hold and potentially increase their value, you’re able to build a beautiful collection of design that enhances the look of your home too. Rachel will be sharing her experience of collecting design for both herself and her clients. 

Rachel Laxer Interiors was established in 2005 and is based in London and New York.
Rachel’s interest in art and post-war functional art defines the look of her interior design projects. Having completed projects throughout Europe, the UK and across the US, Rachel Laxer and her team bring a global sense of design to your project.

In Collaboration with BIID


Olympia Antiques Fair | London 5-10 November 2019 | Art & Antiques Fair | Speakers, Talks and Highlights | Judith Miller | Antiques Roadshow
2pm - Judith Miller

40 Years On - How The Antiques World Has Changed

We are witnessing a fascinating time in the world of antiques. Judith Miller looks back over 40 years of producing Antiques Guides and discusses trends and exciting developments in the market place.
Judith Miller's new book - Miller's Antiques Handbook Price Guide  will be available to purchase at the talk. 

Highlight Tours

Take one of our highlight tours to discover a hand-picked selection of exemplary pieces available to purchase from around the Fair. 


4PM (50 MINS)
6PM (50 MINS)

Vanessa Curry will take two highlight tours of the fair at 4pm and at 6pm, each running for 50 minutes plus opportunity for questions.  Vanessa Curry is a globally respected art historian and advisor based in New York, and owns art consultancy firm Fine Art Source.  Whether you are thinking about starting a collection or building upon an existing one, Vanessa will highlight exemplary items at the fair that may inspire you.  No prior knowledge is required, we will walk the floor of the fair and build knowledge via the objects that you see.  


4PM (50 MINS)

Judith is a successful lecturer and author with regular appearances on the Antiques Roadshow, and has produced numerous Antiques Guides over the last 40 years.

All talks and hightlight tours are free with a valid ticket.