BIID Registered Designer: Shalini Misra
Thursday 03 November
14:30 to 15:30
Art is often seen as one of the final touches of a space but, in fact, it can be the starting point for a project whether to spark an idea, a colour palette or to influence the layout of the space. Art plays an important role in all of Shalini’s interiors. Curating, collecting and creating art is a skill and passion that Shalini holds dear to her heart and her practice’s method of design. Never separating a space from the art within it or art from the spaces it could be in, there are no boundaries but a continuum. 
Incorporating various pieces, from sculptures and paintings to digital and sound art, her interiors are enriched and embellished. Pieces often narrate the design language of a space influencing the colours, textures and even the sizes of rooms when remodelling a home.
Shalini Misra, Interior Designer

After finishing her MSc in architecture at UCL Bartlett in London, Shalini was asked to design the interiors of a four bedroom flat in London for a client who lived overseas. Being a pure-play architect, designing a personal pied-a-terre was a true challenge which commenced her beautiful journey into the world of interiors.

This first interior design project kick-started an ever evolving style, with a deep-rooted understanding of volumes of spaces. Twenty years later, and with the trained eye of an architect, Shalini has designed several homes internationally. Her love of travel and ability to absorb different cultural designs have helped her to create exclusive and eye-catching high-end interiors.

Shalini strives to develop spaces that stimulate the senses and uses seductive lighting to form intimate designs. The philosophy employed at Shalini Misra’s design studio is about characterful, timeless interiors which combine elements of old and new layering, full of texture and interest.

Shalini believes in eco-friendly design whenever possible and often re-uses or updates existing fittings, sourcing one off vintage items and recycling pieces of furniture. Shalini loves to create drama, energy and a freedom which can flow seamlessly through a space. Her guiding principle is to introduce the element of surprise and not to make any of her interior designs feel predictable.


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